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Just Watch That "S" Car Go!!
Just Watch That "S" Car Go!!!
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Welcome to the Home of Rabid Snail Racing !!

This where you can find information on our Team's vehicles, plans, technical findings, upcoming events and results. As a group, we have many and diverse automotive interests.  New cars to old, racing to restoring, Aurora's to Z-28's.  Feel free to browse around.  We'll try to organize the site as we go and as time permits.

Latest News:

Rabid Snail Racing's land speed racing testbed, a 1964 Studebaker GT Hawk, is under construction.  It will compete in C/CPS.  This class is for Classic Production Supercharged vehicles with engine displacement of 306 to 372 cubic inches.  The goal is to take the chassis to Bonneville for tech inspection in 2014.

Update 3/28/13
  The Rabid Snail Racing Blog is now online and linked on the C/CPS Bonneville Hawk Page

  A technical paper on the engine development program is now written and available on the C/CPS Bonneville Hawk Page  in MS Word format.

UPDATE 8/22/2013: Brian Dean, former owner of the beautiful 1964 Ford Fairlane Bonneville car known as ThunderSalt (See inset right) has graciously allowed Rabid Snail Racing to be assigned the SCTA competition number "1964"  This will be a great addition to the identity and land speed racing visibility for our Studebaker GT Hawk.  Thanks, Brian ! 

Please visit often as we continue our automotive journey.
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